A Copyright Story

5 Jul

The issue of copyrighting in the arts (I’m specifically referencing music for this story, but all the arts in general) is frequently COMPLETELY overlooked by many people – students, teachers, and performers alike. Composers, however, usually have interesting, and sometimes terrifying and/or hilarious, insight on the matter. (And if anyone would like any commas, I seem to have a, few, extras.) A dear friend and terribly talented composer, John Mackey, self-publishes all of his music and has some really interesting things to say about it in this blog post. (The post is self-proclaimedly “mega-wonky”. Get excited.)

The story that I’d really like to share is one that involves one of my absolute favorite musical theatre composers, Jason Robert Brown. Before you read it, understand that things have since been somewhat resolved and you don’t have to kick anyone’s ass and there is no need for nasty e-mails. I only say that because this was my initial reaction: “ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ KIDDING ME WHO IS THAT STUPID JRB IS INCREDIBLE I WANT JUSTICE AND I WANT IT NOW YOU MORON.” You should, however, be mad enough to never, EVER steal from anyone ever. Here is the post — it’s long, but it’s totally worth it.

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