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16 Sep

I really just have to share this with as many people as humanly possible. I was dinking around on facebook (a rare event, I assure you) and I came across a beautiful video that a dear friend had posted on facebook. This is the video:

(Did you watch it? No seriously. Watch it. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched it. HEY! What did I say to you? Click play!)

First of all, I love Studs Terkel. Secondly, I think that these stories by themselves are beautiful and amazing – but these animated shorts add so much. They are so wonderfully and artfully done, and they grab my heartstrings and pull them right out of my chest. (Lastly, I posted this video to my facebook wall, so if you have already seen it, I apologize for my redundant redundancy.) The incredible nonprofit organization that put these gems together is called StoryCorps. They are dedicated to the oral tradition, something that seems to be getting completely lost over the years. It is a truly beautiful cause, and you should check out their website and all that they do. StoryCorps is putting on something called the National Day of Listening. The date is set for November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving, and it is taking place across the United States. If nothing else, it should inspire us all to ask our loved ones questions that we never thought to or never thought we had time to ask. They have a list of question suggestions (tee hee – rhyming) on the website. Check it out and learn something!

So, I was going to go into an over-the-top diatribe about cell phones and the internet and kids these days, but this blog is about love, so that’s where I’m going to leave you. This last video also from StoryCorps, and it is heartwrenchingly lovely. You might want to have some tissues on hand.


Love for Adulthood

13 Sep

I’m trying really hard to actually believe in the title of this post. But when you’ve been having first-day-of-school jitters, buying textbooks, figuring out a class schedule, and getting so excited to see all of your friends every year for the past NINETEEN, it’s just weird. I think I’m getting a little used to it – but that probably has to do with the fact that I’m kind of making money. That always helps.

So I thought  I would put together a little list  – and this list is called:


Yeah that’s right. And here we go.

(1) I worked three jobs in one day. You heard me – three. The first was a saxophone masterclass at a high school, the second my internship at BuildASign (which is now finished!), and thirdly, I worked at UT in CoFA (College of Fine Arts – you will hear of this often).  It was crazy – and slightly exhausting. Oh, and can’t forget that night, when I sang at a jam session (although that could not be further from “work” in its negative connotation). Crazy day. (In other news, I’m pretty sure it is punctuationally – THAT’S RIGHT – incorrect to put the period AFTER the parentheses at the end of a sentence. However, I think that when you parenthesize at the end of a sentence, that looks silly. Therefore, I refuse to do it. Ever).

(2) I remembered to buy toilet paper before it was a crisis.

(3) Clothes. Yeah, that’s right – I know that I am growing up because I dress up everyday. And, although I feel like I outgrew this habit awhile ago, there is no more going anywhere in PJ’s/sweats. Remember those days? The days where you rolled out of bed 10 minutes before class started and put on a hat? I sure do. Although, one time my undergrad music theory teacher told me a looked “like a homeless person”. I’m completely serious. And nowadays, I don’t think anyone wants a homeless person teaching their students how to play the saxophone. On a street corner. With the case open for tips.

(4) I have curtains. And not just any curtains – awesome, IKEA, boldly-patterned curtain panels. They are kick ass – and my living room looks rad because of them. Check it.

Sorry the lighting is terrible. But the curtains are hella cool.

(5) I have a blog. You may have noticed this. Why does this mean that I am growing up? Because I don’t get to see people every day and pontificate about things I love/hate/laugh at/want/am interested in. Isn’t that what blogging is all about? I mean, I hope people read it, but really – I’m pontificating.

(6) I reopened a Savings Account. Did you know that when your Savings Account has $0.00 in it for a looooong time that they close it? Sassy.

(7) I’m working on a website! I hope it turns out really awesome, but if anyone has any suggestions about websites/buying domain names/etc., please let me know. Also, be thinking about what the site should actually be. Although I like lizlovemusic(dot)com, I feel like we can get more creative here, people.

(8) I dust things.

So I think that about covers it. Adulthood = awesome, annoying, responsiblicious, and inevitable. Who could ask for anything more?

Marcel = Love

7 Sep

I know that I have shown this to so many people already, and I know that I should be going to bed instead of posting this because I have to teach a masterclass at 7:30 AM in Leander, TX, but SHUT UP I DON’T CARE. :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. Click on that link. RIGHT NOW. View that video. PLEASE. You may not like it, but if you don’t, you can’t be friends with me anymore. It is SO weird, and SO cute, and SO wonderful.

That’s really all I have time for tonight, but if it makes you smile, I have absolutely done my part.