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Love for 3-year-old Conductors

18 Oct

I posted this on facebook, but I thought I could reach EVEN MORE PEOPLE if I put it on my blog. Because seriously – I want everyone in the world to see this video. And clearly because it has only been watched 85,654 times on youtube, and about a thousand of those were me, the world has yet to see it. So here you go – the most adorable 3-year-old conducting Beethoven. Go.

Things that I love about this video:

1. His face when he cues the flutes.

2. “This is my favorite part!”

3. Running in place. I think this should be taught in conducting classes.

4. A 3-year-old child, overcome by joy, dissolving into a fit of giggles on the floor.

None of us have any idea whether or not this child has been guided in the direction of conducting by his parents, but that just doesn’t matter to me. The point is, this kiddo is having the TIME OF HIS LIFE, waving his arms around in front of his imaginary orchestra. I have always been an advocate for movin’ to the music, if you will, and I think that we all should experience music with such joy and reckless abandon. I frequently wish that I could stand up in concerts and move to the music as I see fit. However, I also would not like to get kicked out of a concert for inappropriate behavior, so I usually stay in my seat. But sometimes, if I’m by myself, I like to sit at the back, so that I don’t disturb the people around me with my bopping/swaying/head nods at cadences. I know, I know – there is a time and a place. Well that time and place is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE for me. : )

I hope you liked the video, and my undying love for it. Share it with your friends, and brighten someone’s day.


He’s Baaa-aaach.

15 Oct

I decided it was time for a Bach photo shoot post. Here’s a little background:

One Christmas awhile ago, my cousin got me a Johann Sebastian Bach action figure. It was quite silly – we all laughed, took a couple of holiday pictures with him, I threw him in my purse, and we all went on our merry ways. But he stayed in my purse – usually tucked away in some pocket, where he could really focus and get some good writing done. Fast forward a couple of years to a trip out to LA to visit very dear friends of mine. Due to a summer gig at Disneyland, we have all spent a LOT of time at the park, so we decided to take pictures of Bach instead of waiting in millions of lines for millions of hours. Then we took pictures of him on the beach, and eating sushi (he LOVES sushi) and it kind of exploded. JSB decided to get on facebook (that little social media guru) and it’s gotten slightly out of hand. (He’d love to be your friend – check him out at Bach drinks a lot, and he does love sushi. He’s also a huge fan of John Mackey’s cat, Loki, but that’s a relationship I’d really rather not talk about.

Fast forward to my love for REVEL – a classical band here in Austin, TX made up of two of the most amazing musicians I’ve ever met. Carla wanted to do some posters for their upcoming concert, so Bach graciously agreed to a photo shoot. Incidentally, I had since acquired a new member of our family – Ludwig van Beethoven. He’s a good sport as well, so he joined the photo shoot party. And here is what ensued.

There is such joy in a baby swing.


Bach gets a little overzealous when it comes to the slide.

I was completely unaware of Beethoven's mad breakdancing skillz.

Bach and Beethoven: The Philosophy Sessions

I'll be completely honest with you - there was magic in the air.

Hoodlums, I tell you. Hoodlums.

In short, fun was had by all. And I think we made some pretty successful posters for the REVEL concert.

Bach has been really busy lately, so he hasn’t been out as much, drinking and partying with his peeps. But hopefully soon there will be more frivolity. And just remember – if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.