Love for Last Week

4 Nov

By popular demand, I have decided to tell the story of my life (and the lives affected by my silly actions) last week. I thought of a lot of different names for this blog post: Love for Stupidity, Love for Good Music and Even Better People, and (my personal favorite) Love for Car Keys. However, nothing quite sums up the string of events that made up my oh-so-interesting existence.

Last week, the wonderful and talented and wonderfully talented Steven Bryant came to Austin to premiere his Concerto for Wind Ensemble with Jerry Junkin and the UT Wind Ensemble. Steve has been working on a video series since he began composing the piece, so he brought with him the equally talented and wonderful Michael Markowski to film the whole shebang.


Love these guys.

We had a great week – but I’m not sure Mike and Steve quite knew what they were in for, spending so much time with me. Here’s what happened.

1) MONDAY: I took Mike, Steve, and my best friend Jessie (who happened to also be in town for a few days – amazing) to Dolce Vita for food/drinks/fun. I have never had so much fun playing Apples to Apples – it was wonderful. However, at some point in our sloshy evening, I reached to grab a card and promptly knocked my wine glass, full of red wine, into Mike’s lap. It was really a spectacular spill. Having only met Mike the day before, I naturally felt moderately bad about it. Only moderately, though – this really could happen to anyone. But this was just the beginning.

2) TUESDAY: I locked my keys in my car. Yep – it had really been awhile and I guess I was due for a it’s-so-early-I’m-so-tired-and-apparently-a-moron moment for Liz. I taught in Leander at 7:30 AM, and when I came out for lunch, my cute little keys were sitting on the passenger’s seat. It ending up being fine – a BIG shout out to my parents for having AAA. (BIG. SHOUT. OUT.) My stupid-o-meter was only at about a 6 (out of 10, mind you) at this point. But wait.

3) WEDNESDAY: I stepped on a piece of glass. Now hold on – not a big piece of glass, but it did puncture the skin and I did bleed. I was on my way to listen to the Wind Ensemble dress rehearsal and I stepped on a piece of friggin’ glass. I walked it off – no big deal.

But that night, after the unbelievable UT Wind Ensemble concert (more on that later), Mike and I were on our way to my car and – well, look at that! – I can’t find my keys. They aren’t in my purse, they aren’t in my car – they have vanished. We searched for a bit, then I remembered shoving my purse under my chair in Bates before the concert. We barely caught the stage manager before he turned off the lights, and lo and behold – the infamous car keys. This is slightly less bad than locking your keys in your car – but let me tell you, it doesn’t feel any better. Trust me.

But wait! Wednesday’s not over! When I got home that night, I got a nosebleed. I’m sorry – what? What did you say? A NOSEBLEED? When was the last FREAKING time I got a nosebleed?!?! I’ll tell you. It was Wednesday.

4) THURSDAY: Oh, Thursday. You sly devil. I had another early morning (hmmm – I see a trend here) and Mike and I decided to go get tacos at Juan in a Million. I was SO PUMPED – I had never been there, and it was an absurdly beautiful day. As we got out of my car at the restaurant, I confirmed that my keys were in my purse by feeling around in the key pocket. (YES I HAVE A KEY POCKET WHY IT APPARENTLY DOESN’T WORK I DON’T KNOW.) I even made some snarky comment about it. Breakfast was wonderful, and as we left we joked about lost keys and how silly they are. Then we got to my car. And – you guessed it – I couldn’t find my keys. At some point, Mike says:

“Liz, they are in the ignition.”

No. Absolutely not. Not. Happening. But there they are, tucked safely away IN THE BLOODY IGNITION. Now, friends, I don’t get embarrassed often. I have this great ability to laugh at myself and not let it get to me. But at this point, I am nearing embarrassment. This is, like, stupid thing number 1,342 this week. Apparently I felt my apartment keys (on a different key ring) in the key pocket in my purse when I so assuredly said I had them. So we call Steve and he graciously agrees to come get us so I can get my spare car key from my apartment. We’re having a good time, waiting around, taking silly pictures, and then at some point Mike stops and says:

“Um, Liz? I might be crazy. But I think your car is on.”


Oh for the love of all that is vehicular, it is.


At this point, really all you can do is laugh. Mike is getting such a kick out of it – he’s taking frigging pictures of me in my hour of desperate, stupid, forgetfulness. He’s laughing, I’m laughing and crying at the same time, and all the people walking by must think we’re completely insane. I AM completely insane.


Excuse me, have you seen my brain?

So Steve gets there, gets an equally hilarious kick out of the story, and we drive to my apartment. I think it’s about time I do something stupid (don’t you?), so I realize once we get all the way up North that I can’t find my spare key at my apartment. So we drive aaalllllll the way back to Juan in a Million, and I call – once again – AAA. (Really, Mom and Dad, you guys are the absolute best.) The AAA guy is SUPER efficient and when I tell him this is the second time in a week he says, “Hey, I’ve had people do it twice in one day. It could be worse.”

I told him to stick around.

I have to say, though, I am crazy impressed by Steve and Mike’s ability to make me laugh/lower my level of mortified-ness/stick it out. I don’t think I would have made it otherwise. I do know that, at some point, Mike felt like this:

Why I oughta....

Don’t worry – he missed. And the wine came out of his jeans.

The point? Yeah, I don’t really know. Sometimes life throws all kinds of crazy things at you, and you just have dodge them, hit them back, and every once in awhile take one straight in the face. Sometimes you make a complete fool out of yourself in front of people you’ve just met. Sometimes you lock your keys in your car twice in one week (although, let’s be honest – who really does this?). And sometimes you do a bunch of stupid stuff – in the midst of an absolutely wonderful week. I spent beautiful time with wonderful people, ate amazing food, and heard absolutely incredible music.

And you know what? Sh*t happens.

5 Responses to “Love for Last Week”

  1. Justin Capps November 4, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    This would be so funny if it weren’t so sad. But you survived and I laughed. I call that a win.

  2. Kathryn November 4, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    I’m glad you were reunited with you keys. AAA is the bomb! :)

  3. Audra November 4, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    There was a time shortly before we moved to Lincoln that I locked my keys in the car and left my lights on several times in one week. One night in Lincoln, I realized I left my lights on after being home for a few hours. I had to call AAA. To my DRIVEWAY. So I could get to work the next morning. The best part? I learned that decent batteries regain charge over time so by the time the AAA guy got there the stupid car started right away. I won’t even mention how much the brain evaporates during pregnancy and how it doesn’t come back…. wait, I just did…..

  4. mary November 5, 2010 at 2:28 am #

    Ms. Love, I LOVE your attitude!


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