The Sun’ll Come Out…Oh Wait, It’s Out.

10 Nov

First of all – “sun’ll”? I mean, does that even work? I guess it worked for Annie.

I’ve decided this is how the blog is going to from now on:

1. Mega for-realz gigantor posts about every 2 weeks (like Love for Last Week or Love for Adulthood)

2. Daily posts that are much shorter, but still just as exhilarating (like Love for 3-year-old Conductors or Marcel=Love)

Now, #2 is going to be a challenge. We all know I spend entirely too much time on the internet (shut up), but posting Lovely Thoughts everyday is going to SEVERELY cut into my facebook stalking time. And that is valuable time, people. (Are you a fellow stalker? Because I could spend hours clicking on people in Mutual Friends. Sometimes I make it into a game – I click on Person A in my friends. Then I click on Person B in my mutual friends with Person A. Then I click on Person C in Person B’s and my mutual friends, and so on. I like to see how long I can go before I get to a page where I’ve already seen all 3 of the mutual friends that pop up in Person X’s profile. Ask me about more facebook stalking games. I always win.)

Ahem, sorry. Back to the task at hand. (I JUST LOVE PARENTHESES.) So today is the first short, but equally satisfying, Lovely Thoughts post.

Though I am a seriously amateur photographer, I do absolutely love to take pictures of things that are beautiful. My absolute favorite? Clouds. Usually with the sun situated is some way near them. (I just imagined posting a completely black picture – there are clouds there, I swear!) So here’s a favorite:

(Click on it to see the full size photo!)

So there you go – short and sweet. Hope you liked it! And while I was looking for this picture, I came across so many more that I want you to see – so we may have to have Sunset Sunday. Or Cloud…damnit, no day of the week starts with C. Can we pretend Tuesday starts with C? CTuesday? Maybe the C is silent. Harumph.

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