Love for Photography

2 Feb

This might a big fat plug for all kinds of photographic awesomeness. I can’t decide.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to my new friend.


(No, I did not take that picture. That would be some serious voodoo magic if I did.)

I didn’t get him with the kit lens – instead, the 50mm f/1.8. We are completely in love.

I was so fortunate to have a ton of help from my photographer friends when it came to choosing which camera to buy. Basically here are my reasons:
1. I have had a Canon my whole life, therefore I am used to the interface.
2. I am not crazy rich, so I went with just the next step up from a pointandshoot.
3. I went with just the next step up from a pointandshoot because I’m not ready for the big leagues just yet.
4. The kit lens is sort of eh, so I got a different lens that is better for what I want to do.
5. The lens was $100. (See #2.)
6. I decided I should add more things to my life that aren’t practicing music. (OK, this really was more of an accident, I swear…)

The point is, this is an incredibly fun hobby. I have been posting pictures CONSTANTLY on Facebook (sorry FB friends – at least those of you who haven’t already hid me…) and taking up way too much space on my hard drive with hundreds of pictures. (I really have used about 12 GB of space since I got the camera – 3 weeks ago.)

I thought I would take this time to give a shout out to some incredible photographers and people who are helping. First of all, everyone needs to go this website RIGHT NOW.

Nathan Russell Photography

This incredibly talented photographer and simply wonderful person has been a huge help in my camera decisions. Plus, he takes some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Seriously. Here are some reviews:

“Wow. Simply stunning.” -Loretta Love (that’s my mom)

OK, well that’s the only I’ve documented so far, but honestly – it’s the only one that matters. When you look at it, you will understand.

I also have wonderful friends who let me practice on them. My dear friends let me take their “Save the Date” pictures, and I think we nailed it. It may have involved me wading into a pool. In rainboots. Which looked like this:

Heroic, yes?

We had fun.

Then, there is the lovely Kathryn. She has a fantastic blog: the Austin Gastronomist. Her blog is mainly about food, but this month she is doing the “30 for 30 Remix Challenge”. What in the world is that, you might ask? Well, it’s where fashion bloggers around the internet take 30 pieces of clothing and mix only those 30 pieces for 30 days. No shopping, no cheating – nothing. It really is a challenge – which is why I’m not doing it. However, Kathryn asked me to help with pictures for her challenge! We began yesterday, and here is her first post: Remix Day 1. It’s super fun. I hope that I can take some good pictures that do justice to her freakin’ adorable outfits.

(This is also the time where I give a shout out to my absolute favorite fashion blogger of all time: Kendi Everyday. Seriously people – she is stylish, adorable, and absolutely hilarious. Check her out. She is hosting this fabulous challenge, and there are SO MANY signed up. You can see the list here: fashion bloggers heaven.)

And lastly – a big thank you to all of the musicians in Austin who have allowed me to take pictures of them at the Elephant Room/Momo’s/etc. And by “allowed” I mean “haven’t put up a visible protest against”.

There will be many more blog posts in the future that showcase this camera’s rock-awesomeness. For the time being, I leave you with this:

Beethoven and Bach meet Martie and Bartie, the owls.

I’m so weird.

2 Responses to “Love for Photography”

  1. Kathryn February 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    Yipppeeee! I’m so happy that we are working together on the 30×30. Let’s find a way to incorporate Beethoven and Bach, okay? Also, I have an owl necklace. Maybe I’ll call him Artie?

  2. amy February 2, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    I’m super excited to see all the collaborative photo goodness from Kathryn’s 30×30! Also, can’t wait til our next photog class!

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