An Attempt at Awesomeness

24 Apr

(Let’s be honest – that title is all about alliteration.)

Here’s the situation: I take photos every day. They are sometimes good. I also love blogging (although I have failed at that recently). Therefore, I am going to start posting a photo a day. Some might have explanations, and some might not. Get ready for photography inundation.

Today’s photo:

Play Me, I'm Yours

These pianos are all over Austin as a part of “Play Me, I’m Yours“, an art/music installation in Austin right now. During the 20 minutes I spent on the Pfluger Street Bridge, at least 5 different people sat down to play on this piano, and they all played completely different, wonderful things. It was magical!

They are only here until May 1st, so go see them. I might meet you there and play some songs by Jewel. :)

One Response to “An Attempt at Awesomeness”

  1. B.Mac April 24, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    These are indeed awesome. I think I have plinked on at least four of them downtown. If you want to see/hear this particular one in your photo sound like it never has, go see it on Friday, April 29th at 6 p.m. Just sayin”…

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