Bagel Fire

27 Apr

Scene: 9:00am, Tuesday morning.

Liz sits at her desk, mulling over what the day will bring. She reflects on her time so recently spent outside in the early morning beautiful weather. She wishes she could, once again, experience that gorgeous breeze, instead of sitting at her desk in front of two computer screens.

Enter: the fire alarm.

(Liz feels as though she may have triggered said fire alarm because of her hopes to be outside once again.)

The hard-working College of Fine Arts staff ventures outside to enjoy the amazing weather and each other’s company.

15 minutes passes. They get the go-ahead to come back in.

On the walk back inside, Liz overhears someone say, “A BAGEL?!?!”

Someone put a bagel in a toaster, left it for too long, smoke was emitted, fire alarm sounded. End of story.

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

Evacuation View

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