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14 May

Everyone, meet REVEL.

photo shoot, liz love style

They are a completely awesome classical band here in Austin. I work for them, and I am so very honored to call them my friends.

A few weeks ago, my parents came into town on the same weekend that REVEL had their final concert of the season. It also happened to be my parents’ 41st wedding anniversary. (Yes, you heard me correctly – 41 years. That’s a freakin’ long time. My dad says it’s because he learned to say “Yes, dear” a long time ago. My mom says it’s because she’ll put up with jokes like that.)

I asked the members of REVEL if we could collaborate, and they graciously agreed. Here’s how the chat with Carla went:

Liz: Hey Carla, can I sing with REVEL?
Carla: Sure!
Liz: Great!
Carla: Awesome! We’ll need your arrangement for violin/viola/cello/piano in 2 weeks!
Liz: ** Freaks out because she’s never written for strings before. And by “written for strings”, I mean “written”. **

We decided on “Nature Boy”, by Eden Ahbez and made famous by Nat King Cole and the movie “Moulin Rouge”. It fit REVEL’s concert theme, but it also ends with this spectacular phrase:

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

So HERE IT IS! The moment you’ve ALL been waiting for! (All….6 of you reading this!) My dear friend Sunil recorded it, because so many people were interested to see how my first venture into writing would go (as was I). I pulled it off, but only because of the absolutely INCREDIBLE musicians who played the music. A BIG thank you to REVEL, and an even bigger thank you to my mom and dad, for being the best parents in the history of the universe!


(Don’t miss the totally rad double thumbs up I give at the end. I am just SO cool…)



10 May

Things you need to know:

1. My friend Aren is REALLY cool and a crazy good artist.
2. We lerve lots of things.
3. I especially lerve elephants.
4. And the saxophone.

So she drew me this:

(click on it to see the fantastic detail.)

It definitely ranks top 5 on my presents-received list. Right up there with a new metronome. And silly socks.

Love you, Momma

8 May

(So obviously I didn’t take this picture, but I had to put it up in honor of Mother’s Day.)

This is my amazing mom. She is beautiful and talented and strong and amazing. I love her.

We're models.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Blue Dahlia

6 May

Dinner at Blue Dahlia


Food, wine, and the company — all delicious.