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Good Timing

30 Jun

I meant to post this awhile ago because I think this photo is SO COOL, but I forgot. You can tell that it’s from a long time ago because it involves water coming from the sky. (What’s that called again? Uhhhhhh….)

I am so very lucky to have friends who loan me camera equipment that I cannot yet afford. My friend Kenn let me use his kickass, VERY wide angle lens, and I went out on a hotel balcony overlooking Town Lake during a storm. I managed to snap this rockin’ photo of the lightning:

As my Dad always says – “Timing is everything.” He also says “Don’t drink light beer.”

Smart man.



28 Jun

So I had lunch today at one of my favorite places by campus: Streat. You HAVE to check out their menu – it’s got all kinds of amazing food from around the world that you might find sold on the street. This means that sometimes I have really strange meals there. For example, today was:



Sausage Kolache
(not pictured)

I forgot to take a picture of the kolache because I was so excited about eating it.

In other words, I traveled to India, the Czech Republic, and Spain. What did YOU do over lunch?


27 Jun

I went to my dear friend Missy’s 2nd fitting for her wedding dress today. (Status update? She looks friggin’ gorgeous.) However, this was definitely the highlight of the trip the tailor:

She thought it was playtime, not dress trying on time. When we asked what she thought about the dress, all she said was “Grrrrrrrrllllrrrlrlrlll!” I think that means “I love it!” in dog language. Either that or “Shut up and play with me.”

Cereal Killers

24 Jun

This is what a normal weeknight looks like in the life of Liz Love. (Well hellooooo, Alliteration. You’re lookin’ good.)

Blog, meet “Criminal Minds”. CM, Blog. You guys should be friends.

A word of caution: if you watch some of CM, you will love it. You will get addicted. You will watch it as much as you can, whenever you can (especially if your friend Anne Marie has them on DVD). You will start to believe that these people are your friends and get worried about them when you don’t see them for awhile. (OK, maybe that’s just me.) And eventually….

You’ll believe that anyone who owns a van is a serial killer.

So, watch CM at your own risk. But watch it. Because it’s SO GOOD.