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14 Jul

So my good friend Aren (you remember Aren, right?) brought to my attention that my last 2 blog posts were entitled “Addiction” and “Withdrawal“.


In contrast, I would like to present you with something too cute to handle. Pictured below you will find a magical creation that joins 2 of my favorite things: adorableness and sugar.


My dearly talented friends Aren and Beverly made these adorable koala suckers for our friend Jen’s baby shower. Yeah, you heard me – they MADE them. Who makes Koala suckers??

Answer: my awesome friends.



12 Jul

Dear Elephant Room:

I miss you. I know you may not believe me, but I’ve been housesitting in Bastrop. I promise I’m not cheating on you with some other jazz club. I was such a tease the other night with that extremely brief visit – I promise you’ll get the real thing soon. Here is a photo to prove my love for you:

Jazzily yours,


8 Jul

So I didn’t drink this, but my friend Chris let me snap a shot of his drink at Houndstooth.

I love when baristas do this.

It got me thinking – I remember when I hated the way coffee tasted. I also remember when I disliked beer.


I think.