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Bastrop Beauty

23 Jan

I know I’ve been fairly quiet here on this side of things (Love Weights and I are getting along swimmingly, though, let me tell you) so I thought I would drop in to say hi.

I housesit for some dear friends out in Bastrop every once in awhile – both pre- and post-fires.  The first time that I came out to the house after the fires, I nearly drove past it.  It used to be that you couldn’t see the house from the street, due to the incredibly thick forest out front, and now the house sits in plain view.  Fortunately, they didn’t lose their house, but they definitely lost the oasis they had grown to love.

It’s amazing how much fire destructs.  The area looks totally different – and still somehow incredibly beautiful, if you don’t stop to think how much was destroyed.

The trees are destroyed, yet they still retain a different kind of beauty.

This was the sunset the other night…

It really makes you reflect.

Not terribly related, just still beautiful, one of my favorite songs.  I need this kind of beauty after a day like today.


I hope you enjoy it.  And remember:

All who wander are not lost.