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Love for the Holidays

26 Dec

**Warning: you are about to be inundated with joy and love and happiness…and lots of videos and photos.

As I sit here in my beautiful house in Lincoln, NE with my lovely parents, watching Singin’ in the Rain (festive, right?), I like to think about all of my favorite holiday things. So here ya go. (Cue: “My Favorite Things”. Either Julie Andrews or Coltrane. No one else.)


1. BREAK. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “How long are you on break?” or “Will you be back during the break?” while I’ve been home. And it’s usually to people who don’t actually get this elusive thing called a “break”. (I think they hate me.) But I’m starting to realize that I may always have to teach in some sort of fashion, because when I get to this time of the year, I just expect to get to go home for weeks at a time and not think about anything. The other thing I’m starting to realize is that if you want to do this, you have to teach. And even then sometimes you can’t go home for weeks at a time. (Ugh. Adulthood.) So therefore – teaching. And break. I love break. BREAK.

2. Winter Song. This beautifully written and performed song, with an equally beautiful video. Thank you, Sara and Ingrid.

3. Making Christmas cards! This year, my dear friend Marshall and I made the most adorable Christmas cards ever! I was really proud of them. I took pictures. And kept talking about them to everyone I know. And carrying them around with me everywhere. And now YOU get to see them.

You can see what we were going for. (Nice photography, Marsh.)

This one took FOREVER. But it was worth it.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...you were so hard to color.

Marshall said this one looks like a Christmas sweater.

Absolute favorite.

4. Christmas music. Christmas music is the best. (OK, so not all of it is the best. See: John Mackey’s blog post about the Worst Nutcracker Ever. No, but seriously, click on that. IT’S HILARIOUS.) But most of it I like. For example, this stunning performance:

(Sidenote: He is 14. Good heavens.)

And this rendition. She’s my hero.

(Sidenote: What the HELL is that thing on the CD cover for “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”?? (Yes, I know it’s a horse with a flower in it’s mouth.) But WHY? I’m convinced Van Gogh painted it. Or a 9-year-old.)

5. MY NEW GPS!!! (Thanks, M & D!) I have been playing with that thing all day. What, you might ask, do I do with a GPS while sitting in the house? Well, figure out where the nearest golf course/park/coffee place/gas station/hospital/Asian food/bowling place might be if I WERE to be driving! This thing is awesome. And it knows the speed limit. And tells me how fast I’m going. (Who knew I NEVER went the speed limit?)

My dad did say he is going to miss me calling him in the middle of the day asking if he is by his computer and can he look up where the nearest _________ is. I think he’s lying.

6. Crèche sets. My mother has been collecting them for so many years, and they cover the house around the holidays. She buys them everywhere she goes, and they are beautiful. Here is just a taste:

Sedona, AZ. I love the gifts for the baby.

Peru. I'm diggin' the cowboy hats.

A winking cow. Because...why not?

Lawrence, KS. I LOVE the animals.

Nepal. Again, the animal is my favorite. (I mean, a yak?)

Old Town, Los Angeles, CA. My mom said the artist was right there, carving away.

Israel. Intricate and beautiful.

7. Love•joy•happiness•peace•kindness. (Get ready for the sap.) I think it’s amazing how much love people pour out during the holidays. Granted, we have our fair share of moments that remind us we are human, but we also seem to bring a whole new level of love and compassion when the holidays are involved. The holidays make it a little easier to remember the big picture, and to not let the little stuff get to us. Life is about love and joy. So, what do you say we remember this year-round? Yeah, that would be cool. Speaking of cool, I’ll leave you with this – a little poem by my favorite poet of all time.

by: Shel Silverstein
I made myself a snow ball as perfect as could be.
I thought I’d keep it as a pet and let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas and a pillow for it’s head.
Then, last night it ran away.
But first — it wet the bed.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!